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A Better Nights Sleep

Your Anti Snoring Sleep Apnoea Team, Oatley Family Dental

Snoring is a sign that we cannot breathe properly during sleep. This is commonly referred to as sleep apnoea can be an indication of further problems.

We work closely with local Ear Nose and Throat specialist doctors to check for any obstructions that could be causing the snoring, ensuring that the correct diagnosis and help is given.

Anti snoring devices such as mandibular advancement splints, Somnomed, MDSA, bring the bottom jaw forwards freeing the airway, allowing for a reduction, or completely stopping the snoring problem. Our patients comment that they wake up feeling refreshed, having had a much better quality of sleep than before.

Book a consultation today on (02) 9570 7753 email info@oatleyfamilydental.com.au or alternatively use the instant online booking form on this page to see if an anti snoring splint could help you have a better nights sleep.

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