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Have you lost a tooth, or multiple teeth? Are you fed up with a removable plate/denture that doesn't fit and makes it hard to chew effectively?

Dental Implants placed by our experienced surgeons at Oatley Family Dental could be the solution that you are looking for...and they are nowhere near as scary or painful as they seem, we promise! 

Dental implants can replace one tooth, or multiple teeth, and involve replacing the missing tooth with a titanium root which, over a period of months, becomes part of the jaw. Once it has become stable, we can add a fixed tooth/teeth on top to function and feel as close to natural teeth as possible.

If you do not have sufficient jaw bone to place a dental implant, bone grafting procedures can help to grow enough bone to allow stable dental implant placement.

If you are missing teeth and would like to chat to our surgeons, book your free consultation appointment today at Oatley Family Dental by calling the surgery on (02) 9570 7753 or using the instant online booking system on this page. Alternatively email us at info@oatleyfamilydental.com.au

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